Custom GP Liquid Trichoderma Concentrate


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Custom GP Liquid Trichoderma Concentrate

Custom GP is a  highly concentrated liquid containing 4 types of beneficial Trichoderma fungi. Custom GP is a biofertilizer, manufactured by Custom Biologicals, and designed to grow stronger, healthier plants.

Custom GP concentrate is available in two sizes; 50ml and 1 Liter. 50ml is enough beneficial Trichoderma for 2.5 acres (1 hectare) and 1 liter will treat 50 acres (20 hectares). For smaller areas, Custom GP is available as a fizzytab. Each tab treats 1/4 acre (1/10 hectare).

The beneficial fungi in Custom GP:

  1. Solubilize phosphate making it available to the plant
  2. Produce Phytohormones
  3. Mobilize available plant nutrients.
  4. Biological Soil and Root Inoculant

The use of Custom GP as a biological soil amendment has several benefits for plants, including:

  • Increase root mass creating larger, healthier root systems
  • Promotes plant hormones that helps plants grow larger
  • Restores beneficial fungi killed by chemicals, fire, or frost
  • Degrades organic material making nutrients available for the plant
  • Reverses root oxidation
  • Reduced the amount of traditional fertilizers needed.

Active Ingredients of Custom GP

Custom GP Contains the following beneficial soil Trichoderma species:

  1. Trichoderma harzianum
  2. Trichoderma viride
  3. Trichoderma koningii
  4. Trichoderma polysporum

A word about Concentrated Products

One of the questions I get asked often, is about concentrated products. How is it, they ask, that we can use so little product? Here at Custom Biologicals, we refuse to ship water. Our concentrated products contain a very high percentage of microorganisms and very little water.

Remember, the beneficial microorganisms in Custom GP are alive. In the soil they will multiply, sometimes multiply very quickly. We’re confident that the amount of beneficial Trichoderma in Custom GP will provide great benefit to your soil and your plants – without shipping water or other fillers!

Additional information

Concentrates Sizes

50 ml, One Liter


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