Biofertilizer Products

Biofertilizer Products of Custom Biologicals

Custom Biologicals™ manufactures and distributes a wide variety of biological products including biofertilizer products.

Here’s the list of our current biofertilizers.

Biota Max™.

Quite simply, Biota Max™ is the most innovative, powerful biofertilizer in the world. Each

biofertilizer products
Biofertilizers help plants grow.

effervescent tablet contains billions of beneficial soil microorganisms, both beneficial soil bacteria and beneficial soil Trichoderma. Use of Biota Max will improve the plant’s root system making a healthier, more productive plant.

Biota Max™ is equally use in home gardens, farming, and commercial agriculture.

Custom GP.

Custom GP is a highly concentrated, Trichoderma product. Custom GP contains 4 different species of beneficial soil Trichoderma. Custom GP is a biofertilizer and available in 50 ml and 1 liter sizes. For smaller areas, use Custom GP fizzytabs.

Custom B5.

Custom B5 is a highly concentrated bacterial biofertilizer. Containing 5 species of beneficial soil bacteria, Custom B5 works well as a foliar treatment, seed treatment, and in drip lines.

Custom N2.

Custom N2 contains Paenibacillus polymyxa, a nitrogen fixing bacteria. This bacteria is a biofertilizer and is available in a highly concentrated form in Custom N2. N2 easily mixes with Custom GP and Custom B5 and is a liquid concentrate.


Biofertilizers go by a number of names; bio-ferilizers, soil amendments, soil probiotics, and biosoil. They all have similar meanings.